Design, Engineering & Certifying

PRECISION AIRCRAFT SOLUTIONS Engineering offers comprehensive, integrated aircraft engineering services for new product development; aircraft mission conversions, modifications, and service life extensions.
“Integrated” means we develop each solution from concept through manufacturing, certification, installation, and provide post-delivery support–in house– from start to finish.
For highly specialized and exotic manufacturing processes such as chemical milling, we maintain a cadre of approved specialty vendors.

Services include:

  • – Design engineering/New Product Development,
  • – Finite Element Model (FEM) development,
  • – Production engineering,
  • – Technical Publications & Revision Service,
  • – Liaison engineering support ,
  • – Certification & DER/DMIR approvals,
  • – Continued airworthiness support services,
  • – Structural Substantiation.
  • – Manufacturing and Project oversight,
  • – Testing capabilities include static, DO-160 environmental and dynamic wind tunnel model development and testing.
  • – Maintenance planning document (MPD) services, damage tolerance rating (DTR) inspection methods, for Part 26 compliance with federal aviation regulation (FAR) 25.571, advisory circular AC 120-93, and the staged damage tolerance approval process is a core service
  • – Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Analysis via airframe specific data sets or industry standard DT analysis,
  • – FAA Form 8110-3 and FAA 337 return to service approvals,
  • – Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Loads Database Development.*

Precision Engineering. Quality Results

AOG support-24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Precision Aircraft Solution’s products are not only best in class, but often create an entirely new class of product altogether.

Some examples of game changing products by Precision Aircraft Solutions that lower operating costs, increase aircraft productivity and extend airframe life include:

  • – Passenger to Cargo Conversions (B757PCF & A321PCF),
  • – MD87 Fire Bomber Conversion,
  • – Special payload configurations (Military Equipment/Jet Engine/Livestock),
  • – Military to civilian certification programs,
  • – Special mission reconfigurations (Fire Bombing, Heavy lift Rotor wing),
  • – Development and support all aspects of an ICAW program, including inspection program development and management.

Precision Engineering certifies to FAA STC/AMOC and EASA standards.

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