Continued Airworthiness / AOG Support Programs

PRECISION AIRCRAFT SOLUTIONS Support provides legacy and production aircraft with complete Continued Airworthiness Services, including AMOC (Alternate Means of Compliance) solutions covering specialty repairs that fall outside of the Structural Repair Manual.
This service includes Technical Manual updates, revision services and 24/7 Aircraft On Ground (AOG) support.

Services include:

  • Technical Publications
  • Precision’s specialized staff of technical writers, illustrators, and established vendors produce:
    • Aircraft manuals and supplements
    • Airworthiness Directives (ADs)
    • Service Bulletins
    • Live trouble shooting, on-line or by telephone for ramp-side issues involving Precision Aircraft Solutions components on the aircraft
    • AMOC Development for AD and SB compliance unique to operator’s requirements
    • Technical Data Management and on-site setup support of document control systems
    • Data storage management services
    • Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) services
    • Damage Tolerance Rating (DTR) inspection methods, (for Part 26 compliance with federal aviation regulation (FAR) 25.571, advisory circular AC 120-93), and the staged damage tolerance approval process is a core service
    • Certified loads data set for the B757 and A321 fuselages
    • Timely and accurate analysis and repair options for operators of the B757-200PCF and A321-200PCF
    • Damage Tolerance  industry accepted methodologies for all model types
    • AD/SB/AMOC repair maintenance interval extensions

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