Project Feasibility Analysis

Precision Aircraft Solutions’ Feasibility Analysis and Program Management service mitigates your risk, lowers production cost, and exponentially improves the quality of an aircraft modification / special mission conversion and manufacturing program.
Precision Aircraft Solutions’ Program Feasibility Analysis service studies your envisioned modification and manufacturing program and provides real-world, experience-based, practical, affordable analysis and suggestions to assure precision Technical and Business operational outcomes.
Once a project is launched, Precision Aircraft Solutions’ Program Management support provides clients with informed and experienced production oversight by professionals with extensive major aircraft modification, specialty manufacturing, and international certification experience.

Services include:

• Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) work scope projections
• Risk analysis
• ROM Production schedules and cost range
• Market analysis
• Alternative solutions

The small details matter.

Precision Aircraft Solutions has the industry's most-detailed approach to feasibility analysis.

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