In joint venture with Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), Precision Aircraft Solutions has developed an A321-200PCF Freighter that that has the highest revenue payload and most customer-driven design features available.
Coupled with the flexible TELAIR main deck cargo loading system and a lower lobe that is compatible with bulk, sliding carpet, or containerized systems, no other A321 freighter can carry the load with such flexibility.
The A321-200PCF Freighter delivers the lightest airframe with an Operating Empty Weight well over 3,000 lbs. lighter than the closest rival – with a design optimized for freight operations, maximum revenue loads, profitability, room for supernumeraries, and maximum fuel efficiency.

Introducing The A321-200PCF Freighter.

Lowest operating empty weight (OEW) and lowest carbon footprint of any available A321-200 freighter conversion.

Key Comparative features of Precision Conversions A321PCF Freighter include:

  • Lowest Operating Empty Weight
  • 14 A-Code Positions
  • Highest Standard Payload—approx. 59,680 lbs. (WV 000)
  • No OEM weight upgrade prerequisites
  • Highest occupant capacity- – 4 + 2 Crew
  • Crew Galley with baggage stowage
  • Full Size Lavatory
  • Full Size L1/R1 Doors retained
  • Total cargo volume 7963 Cu. Ft. (1,400 Cu. Ft. more than B737-800F)


Key Extra Features Unique to A321-200PCF Freighter:

  • Larger Flight Deck with Crew Service and LAV
  • Lower Operating Empty Weight = Lower Fuel Consumption / Higher Revenue
  • 14 “A” Code 88” X 125” Positions
  • Unmatched Loading Flexibility with Dual Locks for PAG netted Pallets OR 2 AKH’s at 14th position
  • No Permanent Ballast added to structure
  • Improved CG
  • Total Available Volume: 226 Cubic Meters (7,963 Cu. Ft)
  • Total Available Containerized Volume: 206 Cubic Meters (7,280 Cu.Ft.) 

At large OEMs, the accounting department and G&A — not the mission — often drive design compromises.

At Precision Aircraft Solutions the mission designs the conversion and reliability defines the result.

  • Our design decisions are first and foremost driven by customer needs, informed by a deep understanding of operational and economic realities of the air freight industry and dedicated to meeting the needs of the operator and asset owner for uncompromised mission reliability.

At Precision Aircraft Solutions our customers come first.

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