Our passenger-to-cargo and combi configurations leverage the potential of existing aircraft to raise your ROI.



Our world-class engineers excel in the design, substantiation, certification, and support of fully integrated programs.


Materials & Logistics

Through our vast supplier network, we provide structure and component manufacturing, from simple to complex.


Program Development

Find out how we are fueling the next generation of innovation with intensive research and development.



Aviation Resources

Let our experienced team of aviation professionals assist in the sourcing, acquisition, and redelivery of your next aircraft.


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Our full-service engineering team delivers conversion expertise and total fleet support to partners around the world.

SF Airlines

SF Airlines

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Asia Pacific

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We are proud to support some of the world’s finest airlines and cargo carriers.





Lightest Heavyweight 

The Precision PCF offers the lowest OEW, highest payload, and greatest weight upgrades of any 757 conversion.

Winglet Ready

The world’s only winglet-compatible conversion configuration is brought to you by Precision.

Repair Central

Whatever your aircraft, wherever you fleet, Precision offers every kind of repair — for less.

In-Depth Analysis

Our structural DERs and stress engineers combine classical methods with state-of-the-art tools.

Fleet Relief

Let us design, implement, and certify a solution completely customized for your fleet’s needs.

Unlimited Options

We can provide single component service or total system installation, inside the plane or out.

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From certification to conversion, repairs to relationships, Precision never stands still. Read about our recent achievements here.