PORTLAND, OR, — October 22nd, 2013 — Precision Conversions, LLC (Precision) is pleased to announce that the company has received Russian certification for the full 15 cargo position 757-200PCF Freighter. The certification issued by The Interstate Aviation Committee IAC AR marks the latest major milestone in the Precision Conversions freighter program. Precision Conversions began the Russian approval process in the beginning of the year.

Brian McCarthy, Precision Conversions’ Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said, “We are delighted that the process went smoothly and as planned.” He added, “The sector lengths and demanding payload requirements often required in the Russian market make the 757-200PCF, with its high payload and winglet capable variant, uniquely positioned to succeed in this important region of the world. We look forward to working with Russian airlines on the integration of the efficient 757-200PCF freighter into their fleets.”

To date, Precision Conversions has redelivered a total of thirty-eight (38) full 15 cargo position 757-200PCF freighters that are currently operating on six continents. The company has an additional four firm orders and is in discussions with customers for further production slots. Precision Conversions also certified and delivered a 10 cargo position/54 passenger 757-200PCC Combi earlier this year.

About Precision Conversions, LLC

Precision Conversions, LLC (www.precisionaircraft.com) maximizes the utility, service life, revenue potential and residual value of the B757-200 as a freighter for its aircraft Owners and Operators The company maintains its executive offices and operations in Portland, Oregon with an additional marketing and sales office in North Carolina.