PORTLAND, OR, — June 5th, 2012 — Precision Conversions, LLC (Precision) is pleased to announce that its customer, Tasman Cargo Airlines, has received an EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the carriage of livestock. The STC provides an initial complement of 28 race horses and room for 6 livestock attendants in the main cargo compartment. Further upgrades to the STC are proposed over the coming months to increase the number of horses and crew carried in the main cargo compartment.

David Steinmetz, Precision Conversions’ General Manager, said, “The certification efforts achieved by Tasman represent the mission flexibility of our 757-200PCF freighter.” He added, Precision Conversions will also be certifying our full, 10 cargo position/54 passenger 757-200PCC Combi aircraft later this year.”

David Jones, Head of Airline Maintenance for Tasman Cargo Airlines said, “Our seasonal live stock carriage business depends on maximum flexibility and flight efficiency and this new capability (STC) accomplishes our goal to provide our customers, the highest reliability and best service possible.”

Tasman Cargo Airlines is a linehaul supplier for DHL Express Group, operating between Australia and New Zealand. Precision Conversions has redelivered a total of thirty three (33) 757-200PCF freighters operating in Europe, North and South America, Australia, India, Africa, and P.R. China.