Precision Aircraft Solutions’ record-setting B757 conversion logs its one-millionth flight hour

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Precision Aircraft Solutions
9800 SW Nimbus Ave, Beaverton, OR 97008
Zachary Young, Director of Sales and Marketing
U.S. M 971-770-6000; O 336-540-0400

The legendary aircraft conversion has been in the air for one million hours and over 550,000 combined flight cycles, and counting.

Beaverton, OR., November 5, 2021 — Precision is celebrating a major milestone for its famous B757 cargo conversion aircraft, as it just crossed the one-millionth hour of flight across its nearly 150 converted aircraft.

Setting the Standard with the B757-200PCF

Sixteen years after the first converted B757 entered service, Precision continues to not only support the existing converted aircraft, but continues to actively convert B757s, with 19 aircraft converted in 2021 and 15 aircraft already scheduled to be converted into 2022.

Precision maintains the most-successful 757 conversion program on the planet, converting more 757s than any other company in the world. With five conversion lines (3 in China, 2 in North America) and conversions operating on six continents represented by 25 operators across 18 countries, the B757-200PCF has had a profound impact on global trade and air freight.

We’ve set the standard with the B757-200PCF and this product has clearly stood the test of time. There are no other fleet types that offer the same amount of payload, volume, and range.”- Zach Young, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Superior Performance

Of the current narrowbody freighter conversion offerings, the B757-200PCF offers:

  • The most-available volume
  • The highest-available payload
  • The longest range
  • The lowest operating empty weight of any 757 conversion
  • 15 “A-Code” 88” x 125” main deck cargo positions
  • Proprietary MZFW upgrades

What’s Next for the B757 Conversion

Global demand remains strong for this aircraft, sixteen years after the first conversion was completed. Precision will continue to convert and service the B757 for as long as the  demand persists by general cargo and express operators around the globe. As of the publishing of this press release, Precision Aircraft Solutions has delivered converted B757s to 25 different customers around the globe.

Building Upon the Legacy of the B757 Conversion

Precision Aircraft Solutions looks to build on the legacy of the B757 conversion by setting the standard for the popular Airbus A321-200PCF aircraft. Through a joint venture with Air Transportation Services Group, Inc. (ATSG), 321 Precision Conversions was created to develop a passenger-to-freighter conversion for the A321-200PCF. The 321 Precision Conversions’ A321-200 freighter will provide a best-in-class solution, fulfilling both replacement and growth needs in the narrowbody freighter market.