BEAVERTON, Ore. (March 31, 2014) – The Precision organization today announces its restructuring in order to accommodate continued growth. Going forward, Precision Aircraft Solutions will coordinate the operations of five subsidiaries to provide comprehensive aircraft modification services and support. The organization, based in Portland, Ore., will continue to pioneer its signature aircraft conversion program, but will now offer more resources for leveraging existing assets and raising financial returns for owners and operators around the world.

“Precision Aircraft Solutions is an international leader in aircraft modification,” said President Gary Warner. “We are extremely proud of the team we have and the program we’ve developed over the last decade. Because of that success, today our capabilities are far greater.”

Through its new, extensive collection of services, Precision Aircraft Solutions can capitalize on every component, capability and ounce of an aircraft to maximize return on investment. For clients seeking a turnkey approach, Precision Aircraft Solutions will identify, source and acquire aircraft suitable for conversion. The group can also engineer, integrate, design, certify and support every repair, change and innovation desired.

“There is no limit to what Precision Aircraft Solutions can offer,” said Warner. “We provide the guidance, knowledge and support for every type of modification, no matter the scope or size.”

The five subsidiaries that make up Precision Aircraft Solutions are Precision Conversions, LLC; Precision Engineering, LLC; Precision Program Development, LLC; Precision Aviation Resources, LLC and Precision Materials and Logistics, LLC. Each entity specializes in a specific area of expertise and works in concert with the other subgroups to provide complete and seamless service.

PrecisionAircraft Solutions earned its stripes as Precision Conversions, transforming 757-200 passenger aircraft to freighter and combo configurations for the likes of DHL, Air China Cargo and ILFC.To date, more than 40 conversions have been completed worldwide.Precision Conversions is a Boeing licensee and possesses FAA, CAAC, EASA, Canadian, Brazilian and Russian certifications, including approvals for Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney. Precision Conversions creates the world’s only 15-pallet converted freighter, which is winglet compatible and available in a high payload variant that can transport up to 80 thousand pounds of weight.

About Precision Aircraft Solutions

Precision Aircraft Solutions and its five subsidiaries offer comprehensive, cutting-edge aircraft modification services and support to owners and operators around the world. Over the last 10 years, Precision Conversions has earned a reputation for maximizing the utility, service life, revenue potential and residual value of the B757-200 as a freighter. Now with expanded offerings for increased financial returns, Precision Aircraft Solutions furthers the spirit of innovation embodied by aviation entrepreneur Jack Erickson, the founder of its parent company, Erickson Group, Ltd.