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"A Heritage of Innovation"

Precision Aircraft Solutions parent company (The Erickson Group, Ltd.) was founded in the early ‘70s, by aerospace entrepreneur Jack Erickson to commercialize surplus military heavy lift Sikorsky S-64 AirCrane Helicopters.

This bold move revolutionized the Logging, building, powerline construction, and wildfire fighting industries around the world.Eventually Erickson purchased the type certificate and manufacturing rights from Sikorsky, becoming the manufacturer and world’s largest operator of S-64 AirCranes.

Under Erickson’s leadership, over 1000 major systems, structural, performance, and airframe life extension improvements were developed, certified and applied to this revolutionary helicopter.

Lessons learned- processes and techniques developed for life extension on the AirCrane Helicopter– are the foundation of Precision Aircraft Solutions’ extensive aircraft modification and special mission conversion capability.

Today the company is a leading design, engineering, manufacturing and certification provider of highly specialized and advanced aircraft mission conversion programs.

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