Leading the World in Aircraft Conversions.

If we can't do it, it can't be done.

Integrated Aircraft Modification

We specialize in the development of aircraft cargo conversions and special mission modifications, component and mod kit manufacturing, STC & AMOC certification, and continued airworthiness support.

Cargo Conversions and Modifications

Precision modifies airline transport category aircraft for virtually any mission special requirement, leading the market in cargo conversions, air tanker conversions, and airframe life extension programs.

Manufacturing and Material

Vertically integrated ISO 9100 / FAA PMA approved manufacturing from raw material sourcing to fabrication to finished product, packaging and shipping.

Design, Engineering, and Certifying

Products designed by Precision Aircraft Solutions are designed and engineered to not only be best in class, but often create an entirely new class of product altogether.

Continued Airworthiness & AOG Support

Precision Aircraft Solutions provides legacy and production aircraft with complete Continued Airworthiness Services, including AMOC (Alternate Means of Compliance) solutions on a 24/7 AOG basis.

Complete Top-Down Concierge-Level Service

Mitigates risk, lowers cost, and improves program quality.

Integrated start-to-finish expertise, from concept through delivery.

Turn-key installation kits, small-batch specialty components, and support logistics.

The world’s finest passenger to freighter & specialty mission conversions.

AMOC solutions, support, and 24/7 AOG availability.

A Heritage of Vision and Innovation

Our philosophy, depth, and experience were born from our roots in the aviation industry and inspired by our entrepreneurial founder, Jack Erickson.

Trusted by Brands Around The World

Aircraft Conversions

Setting the standard in A321 and 757 conversions.


Delivers greater volume and payload capabilities, along with enhanced efficiency and operating life to meet the demanding needs of today’s cargo requirements.

B757-200PCF Freighter (legacy program)

Get the lowest OEW, highest payload, greatest weight upgrades, and only winglet-compatible design in production.

B757-200 Combi (legacy program)

The Precision Combi has 10 full cargo positions and 54 seats — plus the same low OEW, high payload, weight options, and winglet compatibility as our freighter.

Specialty Products

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