Originating from the proven and established Airbus A321-200, the 321 Precision Conversions A321-200PCF delivers greater volume and payload capabilities, along with enhanced efficiency and operating life to meet the demanding needs of today’s high value, time sensitive, cargo operator requirements.

321 Precision Conversions—a Precision Aircraft Solutions and ATSG joint venture—brings you the A321-200PCF, an Airbus A321-200 passenger aircraft converted to a freighter capable of carrying up to 14 full positions. The converted freighter configuration will be certified with an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), and will also be validated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).




  • Impressive standard payload capacity of up to 27 metric tons
  • Full 14-position capacity
  • Well-established base with nearly 1,400 aircraft in service and an extensive network of trained flight crews and maintenance personnel, making it a world standard
  • Precision’s proven track record for an optimized and flight efficient design
  • Both containerized and non-containerized (bulk) lower-hold cargo capabilities along with an optional Telair Sliding Carpet system to deliver the most flexibility in cargo loading




  1. Class A Flight Deck with 3 seats as basic configuation
  2. External escape window cranks added to the flight deck for emergency egress/rescue (LH,RH)
  3. Installation of new crew entry door forward of current L1 position
  4. L1/R1 doors deleted
  5. 9G Rigid barrier/ smoke barrier
  1. Main deck cargo door 142" x 86"
  2. MDCD hydraulically actuated and electronically sequenced (self-contained)
  3. Class E main deck cargo compartment
  4. Class C lower deck cargo compartment unchanged
  5. Installation of main deck cargo loading system
  6. Window plugs installed
  1. L4/R4 doors deleted
  2. New right-hand side lav
  3. Reinforced floor structure
  4. L2/R2 door deleted
  5. 68.7” clearance for CFM-56 and 62.2” for V2500
  6. L3/R3 doors deactivated

MAIN DECK CARGO COMPARTMENTThe A321-200PCF’s Class E main deck cargo compartment (MDCC) features:

  • Rigid 9G cargo barrier
  • Reinforced main deck floor structure
  • Dedicated smoke detection system

CREWTo ensure crew comfort and safety, the A321-200PCF features:

  • Secure stowage for crew baggage in the flight deck
  • Power outlets for charging electronic devices (e.g., mobile phone, laptop, tablet)
  • Two pilot hat hooks
  • One folding trash bag hook
  • Pilot, co-pilot, 1st observer and 2nd observer as optional install
  • Optional: coffee maker and oven
  • Optional: Extra crew bag storage


The A321-200PCF supports both the V2500-A5 and CFM56-5B engines in lieu of V2500 and CFM56 engines.



The main deck cargo compartment envelope will transport a single row of ULDs in the following sizes:

  • Up to 14 ULDs measuring 88" x 125"
  • Up to 14 ULDs measuring 88" x 108"
  • Up to 11 ULDs measuring 96" x 125"

The MDCC will also feature:

  • One transverse-mounted 96" x 125" (125” fore/aft direction) pallet that will accommodate an A321-200 CFM56-5B3/P engine
  • Other accepted ULD types include AAA, AAC, AYY, AAY, and SAA

The lower-lobe cargo compartment is compatible with an Airbus 10 ULD lower-hold configuration, bulk-load configuration, or Telair Sliding Carpet system.


Cargo Configuration 1

Main Deck, 14 AAA Containers 6076 ft3
Lower Deck, Bulk 1620 ft3
Aft Bulk / Late Baggage 1620 ft3

Cargo Configuration 2

Main Deck, 14 AAA Containers 6076 ft3
Lower Deck, 10 LD3-45 Containers 1300 ft3
Aft Bulk / Late Baggage 1620 ft3


Crew Lavatory will be on RH side


The A321-200PCF will offer a maximum payload of up to 27 metric tons with a density of 7.10 pounds per cubic foot. The certified design weights (MTOW, MLW and MZFW) of the A321-200PCF aircraft will remain unchanged.




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